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“Gus’ spin classes are fun, lively and energetic! After a long day at work, these classes inject the right amount of excitement accompanied by some of the best tracks in town! Not only is it a great cardio workout, Gus ensures you don’t leave any of his classes without lifting some of those weights we dread so much! Be prepared to break a sweat and build those muscles!”


“I thoroughly enjoy and highly recommend Gus’ Cycling classes and try to attend at least twice a week. His classes are fun, well balanced and challenging, with motivating music to ensure every class is a solid workout!!! What I truly appreciate is the fact that Gus actually does the class while teaching, making that uphill push just that bit easier! Put it this way my glutes are grateful to Gus!!!”

Krystine A

“I’ve been going to the gym for the last 3 years and I enjoy all the classes but doing spin with Gus is awesome, he is so friendly and he inspires me a lot. The most helpful person I’ve ever met. He always tried to do something different in his classes and I love music, you can’t feel bored! In short you can’t stop yourself from loving his class and him”

Pragnesh Patel

“I have lacked self confidence in the gym for some time and having personal training sessions with Gus has given me the boost I need as well noticeable results in a short space of time. Gus provided me with a training programme that met my goals and took time to ensure I performed exercises correctly. He is highly knowledgeable and provided me with nutritional advice that tailored my normal eating pattern/diet. Gus is flexible and punctual too and for someone who likes routine and needs discipline this is just what I needed. I also attend his group classes including spin and they are always fun, engaging and highly enjoyable with some great music!”

Meera Patel
GHD Fitness

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